Color source

If you want to change the color of your text, you need to follow a few easy steps


You need to be a little brave if you aren't familiar with writing webpages. It's easy if you don't get intimidated by the lines of text you see in "Source mode"

Step 1Edit

Write out your text as usual. 

Step 2Edit

While editing your page, you will see two tabs at the top right that say "Source" and "Visual".  To change the colours of your text, you'll need to click the "Source" tab.

Step 3Edit

While in source mode, you need to copy and paste the line of text below. You can write whatever colour you want instead of blue, and you can write whatever you want where it says "PUT YOUR TEXT HERE", and that whole section of text will change colour when you publish it.  Be sure to take out the *asterisks* in the code for it to work.

<spa*n style="color:blue;">PUT YOUR TEXT HERE </*span>

Blue Green Yellow

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