The Boreal Cordillera 

The LocationEditEdit

The location of the Boreal Cordillere is in the Southern mountains of the Yukon and the Northern part of [1]the Boreal CordilleraAdded by Ref 3468Brithish Colombia. (Boreal Cordillers Ecozone)                                                                                                                                                          

The Climate EditEdit

The climate in the Boreal Cordillera in the West is dryer and gets less precipitation. but if you go towards the East it gets more precipitation. The temperature in the winter averages around -18 degrees Celsius, and in the short warm summers, around 10 degrees celcius. The annual precipitation is 460 to 700mm with 35 to 60% falling as snow.

The LandformEditEdit

The landform of the Boreal Cordillera is mostly mountains and plateaus, and is seperated by lowlands and valleys.Glacier debris and deposits cover some plateaus and valleys. (boreal cordillera)

Boreal cordillera

boreal cordillera

The Flora EditEdit

The trees that grow in the Boreal Cordillera are found in lower elevation. the higher you go the less trees grow. Thats when you can only find shrubs, moss, linchen, and herbs. Some different types of trees that grow there are white birch, water birch, scrub birch, and bebb willow. some of the plants that live there are labrador tea, mountain aven, mountain hemlock. These plants/trees need to be able to survive the cold winters and worm summers.(boreal cordillera)

Boreal cordillera

the Boreal Cordillera


The Fauna EditEdit

Many animals live in the Boreal Cordillera, but the most abundant animal is moose and caribou.Some other animals that live here are Mountain Goats, Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, and Black Bear. The Mountain Goats live there year round, and try to avoid the snow. the Stone Sheep are found in the South, in the grasslands with rugged train. Some animals found in the forest are Wolverine, Marten, Rubey-crowned Kinglet, Red Squirrel, Red-breasted Nuthacht, Three-towed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee, common Raven, and the Spruse Grouse. The only amphibians that live in the Boreal Cordillera are the Weastern Toad, Wood Frog, and the Spotted Frog. No reptiles live in the Boreal Cordillera. (Boreal Cordillera Ecozone)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  The PeopleEditEdit

The population of the Boreal Cordillera is 32,244 people (Population by ecozone). In the summer, lots of tourists come to Whitehorse, which increases the population, but in the winter they all leave, so the population decreases (Human Activites).

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